SMC Lessons At Home

Available for: Piano, Drums, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet

The “SMC Lessons At Home” program is for those who would rather have a teacher come to their home instead of taking the weekly lesson in the studio. Southampton Music Company will send one of our highly trained educators to your home once a week for a 30 minute lesson. A calm, distraction free area for the lesson is all that is needed. The cost is a little higher than taking in-studio lessons due to the extra time for teacher travel but the extra expense can be offset with the convenience of staying home for your lessons.

20140904_001252916_iOSThe lesson schedule operates the same as the lesson schedule in the studio. Students are expected to have a lesson every week during the school year unless it’s a holiday in which the studio is closed. To make things convenient for payment, all “SMC Lessons At Home” payments can be done online through the Southampton Music Company web site. The payment for lessons will always be due by the 26th of the month for the upcoming month.

Even though you aren’t participating in lessons in the studio, “SMC Lessons At Home” students will still have the opportunity to perform in any Southampton Music Company sponsored recital or performance. All “SMC Lessons At Home” students are encouraged to become a fan of the Southampton Music Company “Facebook” page to stay current with upcoming performances, happenings, classes and school closings.

The “SMC Lessons At Home” policy will be emailed to parents to fully understand how the lessons work before the first lesson and first payment.

Contact the office at our phone number 215-322-5028 or email address, to get your child started.

The rate for Lessons At Home is $30.00 per half-hour when paid by check and mailed to SMC. Payment is due in advance one week before the new month starts.

And as a reminder, lessons attended in our studio have the lowest rate of all especially when using our “new student” intro rate!

Credit Card Tuition Rates for 30 Minute AT HOME lessons and purchased online.

# of Classes per Month 1 2 3 4 5
Credit Card Rate $32.00 $64.00 $96.00 $128.00 $160.00

30 Minute Lessons