Is your instrument harder to play than is used to be? Do you have leaky pads? A few more dents than last year? Maybe its time for a simple repair or complete overhaul! Let our expert technician with over 30 years experience bring back you instrument to like new condition. Drop off your instrument and we will give you a quote on your repair.

Woodwind Overhauls Include:
Complete disassembly, cleaning and/or polishing, replacement of all pads and key corks, replacement of joint corks or flute head cord, removal of play in keys, spring replacement as needed, minor dent removal, rounding and tightening of flute joints or sax necks, and lubrication and alignment/adjustment of keys.

Brasswind Overhauls Include:
Complete disassembly, cleaning and/or polishing (or relacquering), minor dent removal, replacement of water corks, valve corks, felts, and lubrication of valves and slides.